Survey Shows You May Not Be As Healthy As You Think

With kale smoothies and hot yoga trendier than ever, you might be surprised to learn that a study found less than 3 percent of Americans are considered “healthy.”

Considering the number of Americans who are seemingly obsessed with healthy eating, healthy living trends and lifestyles, this number shockingly low. You would expect more than just 2.7 percent of Americans to meet the “healthy” standards set by a recent study outlined by Women’s Health.

Healthy, as defined by the Mayo Clinic study, was a participant who met all four factors: a person who was sufficiently active, eating a healthy diet, a non-smoker and having a recommended body-fat-percentage.

Specifically, the recommended body fat of those tested was less than 30 percent for men, and 20 percent for women. The “sufficient” amount of exercise is defined as a minimum of 150 minutes each week.

The study finished in January 2016 and had 5,000 participants, male and female. Along with finding that less than 3 percent of all adults met all four healthy lifestyle characteristics, it also looked for correlations between health and cardiovascular disease.

It found that certain health factors were more highly connected to the risk of cardiovascular disease. Body fat percentage was the largest correlating factor. So, not only are most Americans not healthy by the study’s standards, but they’re also at an increased risk for heart disease and other diseases.

The study found participants who met three of the four criteria had more favorable biomarker levels compared to those possessing none of the criteria.

So, it may just take a little more than you thought to be considered “healthy,” a term many of us toss around with little thought as to what it really means.

And if you’re feeling bad about not being in that three percent, don’t worry, most of us are right there with you.