Some Fats Don’t Actually Make You Fat


By Kristina McDonald

A lot of people are scared of the word “fat” because they think that correlates to the fat latching onto one’s stomach, thighs, arms and other areas that they do not want it. Don’t be scared though because if you are eating the right fat, it can actually have a positive impact on weight loss and weight management.

According to an article from the Today show website, these fats can even help you feel fuller longer, have more energy throughout the day and keep your hair and skin healthy. Who knew that eating fat could actually make you look better?

Even with all of these benefits, fats were frowned upon because when the sugar industry studied the link between sugar and heart disease, they concluded that fats were a main cause only so they did not have to mention the damages of sugar on the heart.

The right kinds of fats we are talking about are known as polyunsaturated fats. These are found in fish, nuts and avocados. So next time you are at Chipotle, even though it costs extra, go ahead and get the guacamole!

The article also includes how the American Heart Association says polyunsaturated fats could lower your LDL cholesterol levels. This means that they can even reduce your risk of heart diseases.
The trick is to not overeat a serving of fat, even if it’s the good kind. A small handful of almonds or half of an avocado is enough to reap all of these benefits.

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