Natural Remedies for Your Seasonal Allergies


By Cassie Angu

With allergy season striking a few weeks earlier than normal this year, it’s important that allergy sufferers are prepared.  Vanderbilt University Medical Center shows how to distinguish between cold and allergy symptoms when you’re feeling sick, noting that if your symptoms persist for more than 10 days, they most likely are allergy related.  Most seasonal sufferers are triggered by tree pollen beginning to fall in mid-to-late February and grass pollen becoming heavy as April begins.

Though many may be accustomed to running to the store and picking up over the counter medicines to combat allergy symptoms, this Reader’s Digest article gives tips for naturally kicking seasonal allergies to the curb. Here are 3 simple tricks you can add to your daily routine to avoid being overcome by your allergies:

Saline Rinses: Rinsing your nose with saline at the start and end of your day cleanses flushes out the pollen that may have been stuck there. It also reduces the amount of nasal congestion you have during this time of year and helps you avoid taking daily medications to control your symptoms.

Turmeric: Cooking with turmeric or adding some to a glass of hot water daily can have major health benefits. Turmeric acts as a decongestant, protects you from catching colds, and reduces your allergy symptoms.

Showering After Being Outside: If you suffer with allergy symptoms, you could see a great reduction in your symptoms if you shower after a prolonged period outdoors. Pollen attaches very easily to your clothes and shoes, which can make you spend the rest of your day sneezing and itchy. If you don’t have time for a shower, changing your outfit also is a great help.

Hopefully with these remedies, you can leave your allergy medicines on the shelf where they belong. For more information on dealing with seasonal allergies, check out The American Association of Naturopathic Physicians’ detailed breakdown of natural allergy remedies.

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