Student Body Magazine staff share “must haves”



Everyone has an item that makes them feel more confident or makes them feel their best. The Student Body Magazine staff gives the lowdown on their “must have” item:


When you hear the sound of your blaring alarm, the last thing you want to do is get up and go to class. The only thing that motivates me to leave my bed and start my day is a refreshing cold cup of coffee. This sweet sensation is a great way to boost your morning and start your day strong and energized. Iced coffee is my security blanket. When stressed with studying, iced coffee gives me the energy and confidence to take on any task. To avoid the extra calories and sugar when making this drink, I add 1/4 cup of almond milk and then sprinkle in some Truvia. –Meredith Sheldon

flanne;My security blanket is an old flannel I stole from my dad when I left for college. My dad is about a foot taller than me, so even to this day, it is much too big on me. When I’m wearing it, it makes me feel like I’m a little girl at home again, which always helps me when I’m feeling homesick. I even wore it to a few of my exams my freshman year. It always just brings me back to the simpler time and helps me feel safe. –Ashby Strauch


After a long day, I like to grab my favorite book and get comfy with lots of blankets. My favorite book is “Jane Eyre” by Charlotte Bronte. Jane Eyre is an orphan girl who lives with her unfavorable aunt and cousins. After an incident with a ghost, Jane Eyre is sent away to a school for girls where she learns to read and write and becomes a tutor. Jane lives most of her years at the school until she is hired as a governess by a wealthy gentleman, Mr. Edward Rochester. She is hired to tutor a little French girl that was left in Mr. Rochester’s care. Jane’s story continues as she struggles to understand the mystery behind Mr. Rochester and her own feelings towards him. On the best day of her life, a terrible secret is revealed, and Jane flees to the home of St. John Rivers. “Jane Eyre” is an emotional roller coaster that I just can’t stop loving. On every difficult day, I read a chapter and instantly feel better. –Kara Condie


Before leaving the house for school, I always put my earbuds in. My earbuds are my security blanket. They are a wall between me and the rest of the world. With them in, I can’t hear the stressful noise of the world around me, only The Killers jamming out in my ears. The cacophony of life around me is simplified to a single tune that I can control. Any time I forget them at home, I feel exposed and end up with a lot more flyers from various groups on campus when I walk through the Union. No one talks to you when you’re listening to music, and my earbuds are my anti-people charm. –Sarah Stanley

I always find comfort knowing that I can reach up and grab my mom’s pearl necklace whenever I am stressed or overwhelmed. She gave me this necklace, a delicate gold chain with a single pearl hanging off it, when I left for college. Every day that I wear it I feel confident and proud of who I am. My mom’s necklace reminds me of home and the woman who has been such a role model and inspiration in my life growing up. When I see that necklace, it feels like I have a piece of her in college with me and I’m inspired to make her proud despite any challenges I face. –Nina Cusmano

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