5 x 5: The Best of Social Media This Month

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By Zoë Sessums

Need some more social media accounts to follow? Find our monthly collection of health, wellness and fun (laughter, after all, is one of the best medicines).

Best of Instagram:

  1. Fitness

(image via hbfit.com)


Who: Hannah Bronfman is the founder of HBFIT.com, a food lover, a workout enthusiast, deejay and beauty aficionado.

Why: From her crazy workouts, to her amazing gym clothes, Bronfman also seems really fun. She always has amazing nail art particularly relevant to the world around her (recently her nails were all about Hillary Clinton). She deejays, goes to fashion shows and eats really pretty food.


  1. Fun

(image via brit.co)


Who: Kelly Mindell, founder and editor of studiodiy.com

Why: Blogger from the website of the same name, Mindell helps viewers celebrate any moment, the DIY way. This is a daily dose of color and whimsy.






  1. Fashion

(image via keep.com)


Who: The Manrepeller staff, headed by Leandra Medine, is composed of wit, hilarity and daring fashions.

Why: If you already love the humorous website, this social media account allows you to learn about the latest trends and runway shows in a less polished fashion. Medine and crew are not afraid of the absurd.


  1. Food

(image via food52.com)


Who: A collaborative effort from the team at Food52, a website set out to bring cooks together and support each other in the kitchen.

Why: With the slogan, “How you eat is how you live,” this social media account from the popular website of the same name is full of amazing tips, recipes and drool-worthy images.



  1. Fantasy

(image via Instagram: @baddiewinkle)

Who: Helen Ruth Van Winkle, an 87-year-old internet personality and meme.
Why: Never afraid of eccentric celebrity-print clothing or bold, wild accessories, Van Winkle  is getting over the death of her husband in a way that makes anyone smile.
(image via Instagram: @baddiewinkle)






Best of YouTube Channels:

  1. Fitness
YT Popsugar Fitness

(image via popsugar.com)


Who: Class FitSugar, a real-time workout show hosted by Anna Renderer, inspires sweating and is often taught alongside fitness experts and celebrity trainers.

Why: POPSUGAR Fitness is a place for fitness tutorials, workouts and exercises. The tips are there to help you in many aspects of life and most often in just a few minutes of the day.  



  1. Fun
YT College Humor

(image via coolspotters.com)


Who: Founded by two high school friends, CollegeHumor Media is one of the top comedy video sites online.

Why: A place for all things laughter. Find comic videos, pranks, user-submitted viral videos, bizarre sports highlights, parodies and countless sketches.





  1. Fashion
YT Maskcara

(image via brit.co)


Who: Cara Brook is a beauty blogger, vlogger and makeup artist full of positivity.

Why: This self-taught, Las Vegas-based makeup artist is great at sharing inspiring and dramatic makeovers, plus, she recently launched her own makeup line, called IIID.



  1. Food
YT Tastemade

(image via movenourishbelieve.com)


Who: A global community of food lovers sharing their favorite recipes and dishes from around the world.

Why: So much variety, fun and flavor will make you want to explore the world. A favorite is “Raw. Vegan. Not Gross.” Host Laura Miller is helpful and hilarious.



  1. Fantasy
yt broadcity

(image via bedfordandbowery.com)

Who: Two friends, Abbi Jacobson and Ilana Glazer, are the creators as well as lead actors of the series.
Why: The YouTube web series began in late 2009 and is the beginnings to the brilliant and weird Comedy Central show that began in 2014. You will be hooked in no time flat. Get ready to binge watch it all if you have not already.


Best of Twitter:

  1. Fitness
Twitter Fit Bottom

(image via fitbottomedgirls.com)


Who: Friends and health-enthusiasts Jennipher Walters and Erin Whitehead.

Why: Follow these ladies for quick and comprehensive fitness content aimed at real women and girls (and even the guys, too). With tips for sensible eating and a healthy lifestyle, it is a great place for fitness inspiration.






  1. Fun
Twitter Mental Floss

(image via mentalfloss.com)


Who: The team from the Mental Floss magazine.

Why: Learn amazing facts, see crazy images and basically compile a daily list of conversation starters and icebreakers. Today I learned about French vending machines that dispense short stories instead of snacks.






  1. Fashion
Twitter bryan boy

(image via www.refinery29.com)


Who: Bryan Grey Yambao, also known as Bryanboy, is a Filipino fashion blogger, socialite and businessman.

Why: Whether you know him from his stint as a judge on America’s Next Top Model or his fashion and lifestyle blog, he has got some serious quirkiness and wit. Follow for the sass.






  1. Food
Twitter Michael Pollan

(image via bookauthors.in)


Who: Author of “Cooked,” “Food Rules; In Defense of Food,” “The Omnivore’s Dilemma,” “The Botany of Desire,” “A Place of My Own,” and “Second Nature.”

Why: Pollan writes about the places where nature and culture intersect. As a journalist, activist and professor of journalism, too, he provides an interesting and important insight on food.


  1. Fantasy
Twitter Faces in Things

(image via @FacePics)

Who: Anonymous geniuses who find “Faces in Things.”
Why: Find a little silliness and whimsy in the day as this account posts pictures of the faces they see in things. From Teenage Mutant Ninja Loafers to a frown in a retro alarm clock, following with brighten your day.






Best of Snapchat:

  1. Fitness
Snap buffbunny

(image via www.trendspace.ru)


Who: Heidi Somers is a fitness model for 1 Up Nutrition, Live Fit Apparel and Sweet Sweat USA.

Why: This candid and silly look is like a behind-the-scenes of the YouTube personality. Get an extra, uncensored look at her world.




  1. Fun
Snap psimadethis

(image via psimadethis.com)


Who: Erica Domesek, creator of the DIY website, P.S. I Made This.

Why: From the woman who creates geode hanging racks and skull vases, see what her space and life is like. Often funny and spontaneous.





  1. Fashion
snap allure

(image via www.allure.com)


Who: Allure’s Snapchat is a behind the scenes look from the beauty magazine.

Why: Get an inside look at the magazine’s office, unreleased products and the lives of editors. Be entertained and feel as if you’re in the know.




  1. Food
Snap SORTEDfood

(image via blog.dnevnik.hr)


Who: Run by a small group of mates, out of a studio in Central London, surrounded by a team of friends and family.

Why: Follow the team on an international road trip centered around good food. Appealing to many, the videos are all about easy, affordable and delicious recipes. You may drool.


  1. Fantasy
Snap Geeoh

(image via visualnews.com)

Who: Geir Ove Pedersen, a graphic designer and an illustrator.
Why: This Norwegian man snap’s unsuspecting people and paints them into strange and whimsical scenarios. As he says, “It’s all about the smiles!”



Best of Pinterest:

  1. Fitness
Pinterest Change in Seconds

(image via www.changeinseconds.com)

change in seconds
Who: Rhonda, the founder and owner of ChangeinSeconds, a motivational website

Why: The pins boards have a variety of workouts, recipes and motivational mantras to inspire clean eating, weight loss and fitness goals. A great place to find recipes for specific diets and foods.






  1. Fun
Pinterest ellen

(image via pinterest.com)


Who: Pins from The Ellen DeGeneres Show.

Why: With boards like “Clumsy Thumbsy” and “Adorable Animals,” this comedian and her staff are sure to inspire some laughs. Another favorite board: “What’s Wrong with These Signs?! Signs.”





  1. Fashion
Pinterest Marmar

(image via Pinterest)


Who: Mara Ferreira is an L.A. based blogger, who focuses on a classic, feminine and fun approach to style, food and entertaining and living.

Why: Her style and pins are relatable and inspirational, plus stunningly pretty. Take yourself away and copy some of her outfits.






  1. Food
Pinterest how sweet eats

(image via howsweeteats.com)

how sweet eats

Who: Jessica Merchant, writer of the food blog HowSweetEats and author of the cookbook “Seriously Delish.”

Why: Beyond Merchant’s humor and love of all things glitter and neon, her food is the most droolworthy. Savory and sweet, you’ll want to pin, make and eat it all. On my mind after browsing: how to make a nutella latte.



  1. Fantasy
Pinterest pantone

(image via pinterest.com)

Who: The global authority on color.
Why: An especially useful space for artists, designers and stylists, this is the world of color. Learn about the color of the year and figure out how it goes in your life. Definitely check out the board “Monthly Holidays and Events In PANTONE Color Of The Year 2014 – Radiant Orchid.”


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